Android app 11ty

Hey.. you can built android app with eleventy 11ty, download source code and run it.

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Android app 11ty

Built bundle android app with eleventy #

If you want and need to build bundle android app or apk , so we can use mobile 11ty - this is a special template for mobile design, so we can use this source code project and implementation on your project.

For first of course you can download it on our repo , then you can run with npm install if you use eleventy v.1 or run npm update if you use eleventy canary version. after this step you can run npm start then visit on localhost:8080 on web browser.

android 11ty mobile

Now your job is for change any content article , so open your source code project and open post folder, then you can change any post and replace with your article in here. and save it for make update. change all article and image cover with you needed. After you have finsihed update content article and others now you need to build on android app using capacitor or cordova, copy _site folder on cordova or capacitor project then built it. congratulations now you have build android app bundle using capacitor cordova.

Android studio, so if you want to use android studio so we can use webview version, open android studio and create new empty or blank project. then create webview on mainactivity, or you can learn how to build with android studio webview + source code on our blog.

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If you need to build custom android app and with eleventy so you can use our services. click button and get start build static site generator with 11ty eleventy.

11ty + Android Services


built with 11ty ecwid deploy on cloudflare repo on github developer creativitas
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